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Your Wellness magazine 25ed (September/12) - Fatigue and anxiety article
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Andrea Steinlechner Says:  Stress in your daily life can lead to unwanted physical as well as emotional symptoms. This is your body generally telling you it is time to have a break. In my first consultation with a new patient, I discuss lifestyle issues which could contribute to stress and discuss personal techniques that help you cope with stressful situations. It is important to do something you enjoy and that relaxes you. Allowing others to take care of you is essential and can be a joyful experience. Most people find acupuncture relaxing and often feel very calm after treatment. You may feel a little tired or sleepy.   Acupuncture focus on the individual, not their illness, hence all symptoms are treated in relation to each other. A traditional acupuncturist seeks to re-establish the free flow of qi [energy] to restore balance and trigger the body’s natural healing response. Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system causing the release of neurochemical messenger molecules.  The resulting biochemical changes influence the body’s homeostatic balance, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. Andrea Steinlechner works at Harley Street Acupuncture Clinic. acupuncturist to the rich and famous.  Acupuncture harley street . london acupuncture clinic. stress, anxiety, sleeping sidorder, insomnia, anger, mood swing, bipolar disorder.

Your Wellness magazine 24ed (August/12) - Ankle Sprain
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I am a 25 year old man who enjoys an active lifestyle and in particular playing sport. However, on a number of occasions I’ve sprained my ankle, and each time this has resulted in pain and swelling. I always rest the ankle for a few days, and the symptoms resolve, allowing me to return to sport 3-4 weeks later. More recently I sustained a twisting injury with more force than usual and the swelling on this occasion took 8 weeks to settle. Six months down the line from the latest injury I’m continuing to experience pain when I run or walk long distances. The ankle does not give way, but I have not been able to test it playing sport, due to the pain. What should I do? Sprain (ligaments) and strains (tendon) are a result of over stretching the fibres (like stretching an elastic band). The anatomy of tendons and ligaments are very similar to muscles, except that they are twisted and tight, into a rope-like shape, which sustains impact and keep our body parts in place. This tightness means they are very short of blood supply. Blood delivers nutrients needed for healing throughout the body, which is why those injuries heal slowly. Having your ankle checked by a doctor will help establish the nature and degree of damage and help deciding on a treatment plan, allowing for a speedier and better recovery.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been proven very successful at treating tendons and ligaments. Acupuncture enhances the flow of blood to the area being treated, including tendons and ligaments, promoting healing. I would highly recommend a course of TCM acupuncture treatment, which can be used in conjunction with other therapies. TCM practitioners discourage the use of ice and cold, as this slows down the blood supply to the area. In fact we encourage use of heat. Make sure you wear thick socks which covers your ankle, keeping the area warm and choose appropriate shoes, which will harness you ankle and absorb impact.  Andrea Steinlechner, is a TCM acupuncturist at Harley Street Acupuncture and Embody Wellness, and member of British Acupuncture Council. best acupuncturist in london, cannot wait to become duchess of cambridge Kate middleton acupuncturist. what an honour.

Natural Health editor Allison Jacobs tests and reviews an acupuncture session with Andrea Steinlechner
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Acupuncture for post-viral fatigue
Natural Health June 2012 (click on image for the full article)

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Sienna Miller takes up yoga - visit Seraphine for the original article
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Another pregnant celebrity has joined the ranks of famous faces prompted to take up yoga by the prospect of impending labour.

Sienna Miller, who was spotted earlier this week looking very stylish in Italy, told Marie Claire magazine that she is not a gym person normally, but her "been trying to do some pregnancy yoga".

She follows in the footsteps of actresses including January Jones, who also regularly picked up a yoga mat and loose-fitting maternity trousers to stay fit while she was expecting.

Although Sienna may not be too fond of exercise, she'll be well aware of the benefits it can offer to her and the baby.

She's likely to find she has looser back muscles and a tighter tummy, both of which will help her in the delivery suite.

What's more, the chances are that if she's put any weight on, it will melt away faster after the birth because her metabolism should be higher.

Daily Mail writer Jenny Wright may be pleased to hear Sienna raising the profile of the benefits of pregnancy exercise. She said she was astonished while pregnant with her daughter to receive negative comments from other women when she was out running.

Despite being told she could continue by her doctor - having been a keen jogger before the pregnancy - Jenny said people accused her of putting her figure before her baby. She is now penning a book about pre-baby fitness to encourage other mums to get out and get healthier.

If you've noticed a little cellulite on your body, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and founder of Andrea Steinlechner said exercise will help with this too.

"Even just taking a walk helps. Swimming is fantastic. It is one of the best things for preventing and reducing cellulite," she commented.

The expert also suggested visiting a qualified masseuse to pick up some tips on lymphatic drainage that can be done at home.

If you're going to give swimming and yoga a go, don't forget to stock up on Seraphine's sporty maternity wear - our Bamboo Lounge Trousers and Essential Black Swimsuit are must-haves when it comes to looking stylish yet practical.

Acupuncture - Best for assisting conception
Natural Health May 2012 (click on image for the full article)
Emma Cannon What could be more rewarding than helping couples conceive? If the thought makes you go all gooey inside, you may want to train in acupuncture. “Patients who seek acupuncture just before or during IVF are treated following the IVF protocol”, explains Andrea Aiello Steinlechner a Harley Street acupuncturist.  “When the patient is at the ovary stimulation stage, acupuncture is used to enhance follicular growth. This work is carried out very closely to the IVF procedure, with the bonus of relaxing the mind”, she adds. “If the patient is trying to conceive but is not currently undergoing IVF, a treatment plan following their menstrual cycle can be developed to help patient regain hormonal balance and optimise their chances of natural or assisted conception”.  It is vital to address the patient holistically, adds Andrea. “I will want to know full details of patients’ and their families’ health history. Only then I will understand the pathology and offer a treatment. Everyone is different, I’ve had patients conceiving naturally in one month but others not conceiving after six”.  As published in Natural Health Magazine May 2012

Piles and Pregnancy - Andrea Steinlechner interviewed for shytobuy
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Morning sickness, heaving around an ever-growing baby bump and constantly checking for stretch marks - there's a wide array of nasties to confront when you're pregnant, and it turns out some are less appealing than others.

Indeed, while body parts drop and faces bloat, there all sorts of internal changes going on that nobody really wants to think too much about, and one of these could be haemorrhoids - more commonly known as piles.

"Haemorrhoids are common in pregnancy. There are various theories about why that is - the extra blood flow and also more pressure, particularly in the lower extremities," said Andrea Steinlechner, a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist at Harley Street Acupuncture and Embody Wellness.

Considering the vast range of bodily changes that an expectant mother has to go through, finding a suitable treatment for piles may be a good way to combat the pain that can be caused by the stubborn clusters of veins.

With bleeding and itchiness after any visits to the loo for a number two also a common symptom of haemorrhoids, keeping the condition under control could be one way to boost your chances of a more comfortable pregnancy.

"Eat healthy cooked foods which are rich in fibres. A traditional Chinese medicine diet contains plenty of root vegetables which are good for the bowel," Ms Steinlechner added.

So if as pain-free a pregnancy as possible is high up on your agenda - which, let's face it, it is for all sane women - then keeping an eye on your diet could help in preventing the emergence of pesky piles.

While doctors can help with the pain and discomfort caused by haemorrhoids, piles treatment at home is also possible as an array of creams and ointments can soothe the swollen veins.

Given that pregnancy entails massive physical changes both before, during and after giving birth, looking for ways to tackle the pain of afflictions such as piles may be a good means to limit any discomfort.

Are you winning the fight against cellulite?
Andrea Steinlechner interviewed for Barchester Healthcare
Cellulite can strike at any age but it is more common among older women and it can be a source of much anguish.  Many females experience a degree of body loathing as a result of this condition and are unaware of how to prevent or combat it.  According to Andrea Steinlechner, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and founder of exercise and massage can both help in the fight against cellulite.  In terms of exercise, swimming is particularly beneficial for preventing and reducing the appearance of cellulite.  "Swimming is a very good gentle massage which helps the lymphatic system clear the dirt from the body and promotes better circulation of the blood," she said.  Similarly, self-massage can help to limit the appearance cellulite if done regularly. If you can go to a professional, they will also be able to stimulate the whole body simultaneously, which will help the lymphatic system move debris away.

Medical research article on acupuncture and moxa (moxibustion) to treat Breech Presentation Pregnancy
published by
Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM)

Article featuring Acupuncture and Hair Loss
Published by Natural Health Magazine

Why are Brits not as healthy as they think?
...“Food is sacred and needs to be worshipped”, Harley Street Acupuncture specialist, Andrea Steinlechner says. “But most of us have a terrible relationship with food. We eat because we have to, on the run because we’re late. Our brain doesn't register we’ve eaten, and we don’t get the fulfilment we need. Then we hit a low, then comes the sugar craving, and then the internal war begins!”

“The financial crisis certainly won’t help but I thing the issue is beyond that”, Andrea adds. One can go walking or running in the park should they really be committed, but they are not. Often this is seen as being lazy but in reality it is due to a lack of a clear goal. People envisage themselves as healthy but they don’t understand that there are several steps towards achieving this goal.

“People need help”, she continues. “It doesn't have to be professional - even friends can help. Go for a walk instead of talking on the phone. Go visit a colleague in the office next door rather than calling or emailing. Use the stairs all the time and toilets on different floors. Those are great not just from the fitness point of view, but for de-stressing too.”

Blog: Get rid of cellulite through exercise and massage
Although the rain has not let up for what seems like weeks and we've had to scurry back into our winter coats for warmth, fact is that soon the sun will be out.  For some people, that's no problem. But for the 90 per cent of women in the UK who have cellulite somewhere on their body, the prospect of wearing fewer clothes is pretty daunting.  However, there is still plenty of time to prepare our skin for the summer beach holiday, as long as we kick-start a healthy living routine now.  According to Andrea Steinlechner, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and founder of, taking regular exercise - even if it's just a 15-minute walk - can help reduce the appearance of orange peel thighs.  "Swimming is fantastic," she commented. "It is one of the best things for preventing and reducing cellulite. Swimming is a very good gentle massage which helps the lymphatic system clear the dirt from the body and promotes better circulation of the blood."  Another thing you can do for your less-than-honed bod is to invest in a massage tool. A dry brush is perfect for getting the circulation going, and if you use it before your morning shower, you'll feel energised and ready to face the day.  Self-massaging with a blend of herbal oils is another great way to break up cellulite and revitalising the lymphatic system so that it's able to move away any remaining fat deposits. Ms Steinlechner noted: "Self-massage is also good for wellbeing. It helps with mood, relaxation, and can also relieve stress and depression."  You could try Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil if you want to shift those dimpled patches of skin before the summer arrives. Fans of the product say the combination of natural ingredients make a big difference to the condition of their skin, while Now magazine voted it favourite cellulite product.

Article published by Aviva - Featuring complementary medicine and
winter blues, depression and mood swings
Latest Health news Alternative medicine 'can help with winter blues'Article date: 23 December 2011  People could look into the possibility of using alternative medicine to help them cope with depression and mood swings in January.  Andrea Steinlechner, acupuncturist at, said that the upheaval in many people's lives as they try to cope with their new year's resolutions can leave some feeling slightly "scattered".  "You have the buzz of what's going on [before Christmas] - big parties going on, shopping and then suddenly, there's nothing – it's just dark," Ms Steinlechner stated.  She believes that complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massages can help people lift their mood and realise that it may not be Christmas anymore, but they can survive any changes.  The expert likened the experience to that of a blood sugar crash and explained that alternative medicines can help the low "not be too low".  According to Mind, more than a third of the UK population develops some form of seasonal affective disorder.

Australian article on acupuncture and de-stress and detox.
How to feel healthier, more relaxed
and less anxious with the
help of complementary therapies.

Blog featuring complementary therapies to help stress and aiding breathing.
by Jenny Richards

Blog featuring stress, anxiety, winter blues and hair loss.
by Liam Anderson

Article: Swim for an oxygen boosting battle against cellulite
Featuring: Andrea Steinlechner and Harley Street Acupuncture
By: James WorrallADNFCR-2960-ID-801356264-ADNFCR

Swim for an oxygen boosting battle against cellulite Swimming not only gets our heart rate racing and our oxygen levels pumping, but it is also a great exercise for combating cellulite.  Cellulite, sometimes referred to as orange peel or cottage cheese skin because of its appearance, occurs due to excess deposits of fat, typically in the thighs and bottom.  According to Andrea Steinlechner, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and founder of, swimming is a great way to beat cellulite.  She said: “Swimming is fantastic. It is one of the best things for preventing and reducing cellulite.  “Swimming is a very good gentle massage which helps the lymphatic system clear the dirt from the body and promotes better circulation of the blood.”  The expert also recommended self-massage as a way of overcoming cellulite, though the expertise of a masseuse would be better for driving the fat deposits out of the system altogether.  As well as aiding the removal of cellulite, self-massage can also improve mood, relaxation, relieve stress and beat depression, Ms Steinlechner concluded.