What to expect in a treatment:

During your first consultation, you will be asked what symptoms you would like to be treated and how you feel your health can be improved. As part of a holistic approach, you will be asked questions relating to your day to day life.

We will look at your tongue and feel your pulse as part of diagnosis, to refine our conclusions, formulate a prescription and set goals. A course of treatment will be discussed with you, which usually varies between 4 and 12 treatments.

The results of two independent surveys published in the British Medical Journal in 2001 (MacPherson et al, White et al, both BMJ September 2001) concluded that the risk of serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000.

After treatment you may feel very relaxed, light headed, or slightly dizzy, therefore it is advised that you should avoid intensive activities immediately after treatment. These reactions are all short-term. It is also advised that you eat before your acupuncture treatment.

Very occasionally minor bruising may occur. With cupping or guasha bodywork treatments bruising is intentional. Please advise the practitioner if you would prefer not to have bruise marks.

As part of a treatment you might be given advice which if incorporated into your daily life should help healing and promote a better lifestyle.

Although invasive, acupuncture is safe, natural, and healthy and is often combined with bodywork massage. At Harley Street Acupuncture clinic most patients find their treatment is a very pleasant experience and they will choose to return for preventative treatment.

So called “seasonal acupuncture” means coming for acupuncture a minimum of four times a year, traditionally within two weeks of season changes. This helps the body to adjust and avoid illness.

Your first treatment might last up to 1 1/2 hour. Follow ups usually last under an hour.

"Thanks, Andrea. You have been a great support over the last few weeks - above and beyond the call of duty. Little baby and I really appreciate it."
 JC - W2
"Verity, thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave to my family. The work and attention received by us has been excellent. We are, completely, satisfied and delighted with the service you have provided.
We always enjoy every visit to the Harley Street Acupuncture Clinic with its warm, familiar and professional atmosphere provided by you and your team." EG - SW8
"I was referred by my GP to Andrea for pain, and in just one acupuncture session I felt much better. Andrea was very professional and gave me a thorough explanation of what was going on with me and how treatment would take place. We discussed a long term treatment plan and she gave me tips for feeling better. I no longer feel pain radiating through my arms and I feel much better every week. As an added bonus, I feel much calmer and I was able to sleep for the first time in years. I truly recommend Andrea."

   "Andrea many thanks for the special treatment you gave to my lower back. I'm feeling a lot better now! I still cannot believe that the pain has gone!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you again next week."