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Using Acupuncture Analgesia in Surgery - UCLA

posted 12 Apr 2012, 02:07 by Andrea AnJia   [ updated 12 Apr 2012, 02:15 ]

Most people have heard of acupuncture for pain relief, but not many know of open-heart surgery with use of acupuncture as anaesthetic.

Most people thing these needles are painful, so how could they provide such level of pain relief?

In China, and with the fusion of Western + Chinese medicine, they began operating on patients using acupuncture anaesthesia in the 50’s.

As far as I know, UCLA has been a pioneer institution for the research and use of acupuncture. This UCLA published video reports on the use of acupuncture as anaesthesia to major operations, including open heart, lung, caesarean section, tumour extraction, teeth extraction, etc.

Enjoy the video and feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more about acupuncture for pain relief.

Using Acupuncture Analgesia in Surgery - UCLA