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First acupuncture treatment review

posted 22 Aug 2012, 06:07 by Andrea AnJia   [ updated 16 Sept 2012, 03:52 ]
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This is a transcript of an article published by Allison Jacobs from Natural Health UK June 2012 edition.

Treatment of the month: Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is it? Andrea Steinlechner is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist specialising in menstrual disorders, pregnancy and fertility, stress, anxiety, and digestive disorders.

What Happens: I described how I’ve had an ongoing niggling pain I my right side, for a few years. Medical tests has yielded no results and I’ve tried for a while now to push the discomfort to the back of my mind, though is always there, niggling away.

Andrea’s consultation was comprehensive. Delving into my medical history going back 14 years to when I was aged 13 and began suffering migraines. Andrea asked questions about all aspects of my life from periods to how I react emotionally to someone deliberately upsetting me – to which I replied rage. She then identified this as a symptom of blocked liver energy, which corresponded to the location of pain I my side, as well as migraines. She carefully placed needles around my body to release the blocked energy and, amazingly, the area which usually irritates me began making a rumbling nose! I’d arrived in a slightly anxious state after a stressful situation but left feeling wonderfully relaxed and happy.

The results: Having other symptoms I hadn’t previously linked together pointed out was eye opening and I left equipped with knowledge to heel the energy flow healthy.

Tester: Allison Jacobs editor at Natural Health.

Andrea offers 20 minutes phone consultation.